Domestic Cleaners In Stockwell, SW9

Domestic Cleaners In Stockwell, SW9


It is understandable that you would want your home to be as clean as possible, but sometimes the lack of time and the busy schedule stand in the way of achieving the desired end cleaning results.

Dust, dirt and grime stand in the way of you having the perfect home, but it doesn’t have to be like this! If you are struggling with cleaning a certain area of your home, we are available and at your disposal every day from Monday to Sunday.

Our company has established offices all over London and now in Stockwell, SW9. We offer excellent cleaning care for your home, various different cleaning chores will be carried out to perfection by our most diligent, professional cleaning technicians. Their knowledge and expertise regarding the cleaning of dirt, dust and stains is abundant and it will most definitely guarantee your home’s clean state.

Prices in Stockwell

Domestic Cleaning Services

  • Regular Cleaning£14/h
  • Deep Cleaning£18/h
  • Carpet Cleaning£48/h
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning£79/h

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We have a flawless reputation of a hard-working and highly-professional domestic cleaning service. Our cleaning employees have been supplied with all the necessary cleaning tools and materials to make any dirt and dust disappear with just one visit from our cleaners!

Your home can once again look splendid clean and organized, and the best part is that you do not need to participate in the process at all. We will discuss and disclose all necessary information with you and arrange for a cleaning of high efficiency!

If you have done some research then you probably already know of our company and all of our successful endevours. We are the only domestic cleaning service in Stockwell, SW9 to use environment-friendly cleaning materials and mixtures and still manage to achieve the desired end result. Our reputation precedes us and we invite you to try out just how easy and effective it is to have a professional team, like ours, handle the domestic chores for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unconditionally. Fast Home Cleaning London is a professional cleaning company with a long-standing experience in this field. We have worked really hard to make a name for ourselves and today when we already did, we are not planning on giving up. We employ only insured individuals who contribute to the quality of our professional cleaning services and their skills and achievements help us win recognition among a larger community of customers. Each housekeeper is trained to a high standard to perform a cleaning session to suit our customer’s requirements. We truly care about your home and office! With us, you will experience attention to detail and excellent customer care support.

Fast Home Cleaning London. Each housekeeper is provided with specialised cleaning machines and tools, as well as supplied with super powerful detergents which are preliminarily tested to be safe and hypo-allergenic. If you have some specification for the products which we will use, feel free to let us know. We want you to be comfortable with the supplies we utilise at your property. However, you need to know that our cleaning equipment is classified as environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The best part is that you do not have to pay anything additionally for this equipment.

Your appointment with us is merely a phone call away! Share with us your individual needs and we will provide you with a free quote ahead of booking. We will introduce you to our wide range of professional cleaning services so that you might choose what you would like our housekeepers to do for you. You will help us create a cleaning programme customised to your needs and requirements, and when we arrive at your property, we will follow it. If you want to meet our teams in advance, you can also visit us directly in one of our head offices in Camden Town. Bookings with us are easy, the satisfaction of our work is eternal.

The number of the professional cleaners depends on the size of the property and the accumulated grime. We will consult with you over the phone and we will decide how many people to send. Usually the number varies from one to four, however, every professional in our company is experienced and able to achieve the perfect results under any circumstances!

The first way to book our service is to come at one of the offices in the corresponding area. Another way to reach us is on the phone. Last but not least – online. In all of the cases you will be able to discuss your requests with a member of our customer support team, which is available to you 24/7 and will gladly answer any questions of yours and then book the service at time convenient for you!

We are available seven days a week, basically – when you need us! We have a lot of professional cleaning teams and they will be sent at your property exactly when you want! You can book the domestic cleaning and other services of ours only when you have the time!


Wishing your home to be as clean as possible is only right! You can have that and more with the help of our diligent cleaning technicians who will make sure all surfaces, in your home, receive the appropriate care!

Our teams consist of highly-trained cleaning specialists with rich knowledge of the cleaning process and enhanced capabilities.

Find out how easy and rewarding a professional cleaning can be – imagine your home all cleaned and disinfected on a price you will most certainly find acceptable and fair.

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Our price rates are fixed and you won’t be overcharged! Any additional services will be discussed with the customer, before being conducted. We carry out our cleanings in a healthy manner, appropriate for all of our customers, regardless of the property’s size and requirements.

Your domestic cleaning chores can become our responsibility with a single phone call placed to one of our offices in Stockwell, SW9. Undoubtedly, you will receive end-results on a professional level and of the highest standard.

It is time you rethink the plan for the day you have originally designated for cleaning your home. Instead of spending long, laborious hours cleaning your home to no good end, we will do it for you and achieve results that you will most definitely find to be just perfect and suitable for your property. Here are some of the chores we offer to undertake from you:

  • Clean the mattress and wash the beddings
  • Dust off and refresh any surface of a selected area
  • Shampoo, vacuum and wash (with optional deep-cleaning) carpets, upholstery, drapes etc.
  • Empty trash cans and replace them with fresh bags
  • Clean the kitchen and all the appliances that need renewing
  • Removing of limescale and shining of the sink, bathroom and toilet area.

A message from our happy customers

“I have been in the construction business for many years, and after we finish our work on a project, I always hire a professional house cleaning company to take care of the site, because my guys are not professional cleaners, I need pros for better results. And after working with so many different companies, yours has surely impressed me the most. Sometimes, depending on the type of project we are dealing with, a lot of dust and debris accumulates, but when we return in the morning, it like we are on entirely different site. It is almost as if we have not done any work, the previous day. It is a rare sight, to find such skilled, gelled and disciplined group of people. The tremendous amount of work they perform, in such short period of time is simply stunning. For example, after we finish with remodeling a kitchen, you guys, do your magic after us, by dusting all possible surfaces, cleaning the sinks of all the grime, dust all furniture and appliances, and finally mop the floor. I highly recommend these fellas, if you are in the remodeling business and need, or simply want to have a clean house. Cheers.” Luke