Sofa Cleaning

If you needsofa-cleaning high quality sofa cleaning on affordable price use our services. They are done by very proficient, skilled and reliable cleaning technicians, who know how to clean each sofa, depending on its fabrics and type. Our sofa cleaning procedure won’t fade the colours of your sofa, removing all the dust, dirt and stains.
Our cleaning workers are supplied with the most advanced vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning machines, which will extract all the grime, built up deep in the fabrics of your sofas.

Carpet, Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning
Landing Carpet £9
Bedroom Carpet £18
Livingroom Carpet £23
Sofa – Two Seat £27
Upholstered Armchair £16

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  • Moving furniture and other objects, which may obstruct the ability to provide a successful cleaning
  • Pre-treatment of any stains, high traffic areas and dirty patches
  • Deodorising of the cleaned areas
  • Fast drying process after every wet cleaning, ensured by the use of strong industrial driers to facilitate the drying process
  • All the detergents and cleaning preparations are included in the price and eco-friendly
  • The most up-to-date cleaning machines used during the process
  • Sofa dry cleaning
  • Sofa steam cleaning

Our dry cleaning procedure includes pre-treating of your sofas and the heavily soiled areas, patches and stains. After that our staff will apply dry cleaning solution, chosen according to the fabrics your sofa is made of. Your sofa will be cleaned with the best cleaning equipment for sofa dry cleaning. If you order stain protection, our staff can apply stain protector to increase the life of your sofa and keep it clean for longer.

In the final stage of the cleaning, your sofa will be deodorized. We apply dry cleaning for most sofas, which are made of velvet, plush, linen, suede, tapestry, silk, tapestry and many other fabrics.

The wet steam cleaning starts by pre-treating of all stains for better removing. Our wet sofa cleaning is done by modern steam cleaning machines. The hot water penetrates deep in the fabric of your sofa and extracts all the soiling, dirt, dust, stains, mould, bacteria, odours and allergens, contaminating your sofa. Our cleaning process won’t fade the colours of your sofa and protect them for longer.

After steam cleaning, your sofas will be dried well. We apply wet cleaning for cotton polyester, microfibre, wool, faux suede and some other sofas.

If you order our sofa cleaning services you will receive high quality cleaning procedures for your sofa, entirely in line with the fabrics of your sofa and the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance.


The first thing our technicians will do when they come to your property is to do to a pre-analysis of the sofa that has to be cleaned. It is an extremely important step as some specific stains are found.Then, they will vacuum the sofa so that soil can be extracted. After this, our technicians will take care of the stains by treating them with powerful nature responsible cleaning solutions. Next step is to steam clean the sofa till it looks clean and fresh again.

Everybody needs to book professional sofa cleaning service every once in a while. Most people do believe that they can clean the sofa using a damp cloth only. However, it is far from enough. With daily use, your sofa gets dirty and needs professional care. To prevent your sofa from getting dirty or stuffed with dust mites and bacteria, you need to book professional sofa cleaning service like ours to do a deep cleaning of your sofa and keep it hygienic. This way you can be sure that your sofa is free of bacteria and allergens, and your health is protected.

Absolutely yes. Our cleaning company is committed to give our customers the most satisfying experience in the area. It is why we are available all week round, including weekends. We are always there for our respected clients! Our representatives are working round the clock to be able to assist our customers every time they need. We know that most people work full time jobs and are too busy to deep clean their sofas. Hence we are ready to come to the rescue whenever they need us. Make sure to tell us more about your preferable time table and we will take it in account.

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