One off Cleaning

fast-one-off-cleaningFastHomeCleaning Ltd. has several cleaning teams that are able to handle any one off cleaning task fast and in professional manner. Book a cleaner now. Our one off cleaning is the right thing you need. We are more than confident that our rates will meet your expectations and what is even more – we know how to treat our clients in the best way possible. Our professional and yet friendly attitude is the thing that will impress you. Keep in mind there are days, or even weeks, in which we are really busy and due to this fact we encourage most of our customers to give us a call a few days in advance. But enough with the words, regarding the booking procedure!

We want to make sure that your home or office will be perfectly cleaned and due to this fact we have created an extensive list of one off cleaning procedures. Keep in mind that the most important thing we are going to pay attention to is the way your home/office will be cleaned. We have used the help of professional cleaning managers who have helped us create a special cleaning schedule that we have been sticking to for years and so far the results are more than great.

Domestic Cleaning Services
Regular Cleaning £13 £12/h
One Off Cleaning £15 £13/h
Deep Cleaning £15 £14/h
Carpet Cleaning from £10

There is one more thing – if you think that our basic one off package does not include the right amount of services you are in need of, then we have some good news – right after you give us a call and talk to our office assistants, they will be able to offer you new features and services that will be added to your cleaning package. If you want to make the best for your place, then give us a call. Here is what our basic one off cleaning package include:

  • De-greasing, cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen
  • Thorough cleaning of the household appliances
  • Vacuuming the carpets and cleaning the floor
  • Using of child-safe and environmentally-friendly chemicals
  • Deep cleaning of every room

Don’t mind the time – you can reach us anytime you want because our phone lines are working 24/7. Don’t waste a second anymore because you can make your place a better one for living.

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