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Professional Cleaning Services

Every property or item with complicated and sensitive cleaning structures requires a professional cleaning every once in a while. Our company Fast Home Cleaning, with a Head Office in London, offers you incredible professional cleaning services to make your property sparkling clean once again. Our attractive rates and excellent scores will definitely appeal to you and have a transforming effect on your property. If you lack most of the necessary tools and equipment to perform a professional cleaning on your own, we possess everything we might need to make all the stubborn stains disappear completely. We know how to get out the harsh spots on the sofa, mattress, carpet, oven, kitchen counters, bathroom, etc. Finding a solution to every problem is what we do and we do it with precision and finesse. Our cleaning technicians have been training for a long time to reach this current level of excellence and efficiency; they will bring along all the necessary cleaning tools and materials (all organic and completely safe to use) to make the best out of your cleaning situation. If you were to choose our Professional cleaning service in London, you would see why we are the best in London.There are only 3 steps to book:
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Fast Home Cleaning

Fast Home Cleaning London offers quality home and office cleaning services in London and Greater London. You can get your free quote today! Domestic cleaning services, also known as home cleaning services, have become quite popular in the last couple of years. With the relatively easy and fast development of businesses in the contemporary world there are a lot of competitors on the markets of any business field, including Domestic cleaning services. Logically, the home cleaning services have become quite easily affordable since every company on the market tries to offer their client both satisfying results and budget-friendly rates. What the Customer will love about us is the variety of cleaning services we offer – you can book us for After Builders Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, End of Tenancy cleaning, Oven cleaning, etc.

Cleaning Features

  • An expert cleaner can do the cleaning in a more efficient manner.
  • An expert cleaner can do the cleaning in a quicker manner.
  • Once the cleaning is done, the entire place will be healthier and safer.
  • All specks of grime, bits of dust and bad smells will be a thing of the past.
  • The cleaning sessions are delivered with utmost care and attention to the smallest detail.
  • The cleaners use their own professional-grade cleaning products and tools.
  • The products are nature responsible and do not pose any health risks.
  • You can save money, efforts, time and energy.
  • You can focus on more important things while the cleaners do their job.
  • The end results will be more satisfying.


Domestic Cleaning Services

  • Regular Cleaning£20/h
  • Deep Cleaning£20/h
  • Carpet Cleaningfrom £48
  • End of Tenancy Cleaningfrom £89


  • What cleaning services does Fast Home Cleaning delivers?

    We believe that our customers deserve to have their free time back. It is the reason why we have designed a wide list of professional cleaning services so our dear customers do not have to worry about the appearance of their homes, offices or gardens any more. We have everything from domestic cleaning to end of tenancy cleaning services but not only. We are also willing to take care of your garden or patio. Book our hedge and bush trimming or grass cutting, and see your green space totally transformed. We offer professional carpet cleaning service as well! Call us to find out more about our services.

  • Is the cleaning equipment included in price?

    Unlike many other companies, we decided to use our own cleaning products so that we can be sure about their effectiveness. For this reason, we have invested in super powerful cleaning tools and materials which fight grime and stains of any origin with an ease. The best part is that each and every of our products is environmentally friendly and safe to be used around small children and domestic pets. And yes, of course the cleaning equipment is included in the price. Our customers will not be overcharged!

  • Who delivers the cleaning sessions?

    Each cleaning session is carried out by a team of expert technicians who are familiar with the core of the cleaning industry. Each of those cleaners has been properly trained to a high level and have amassed the skills and knowledge necessary for an efficient clean up. Not only are they trained but they have rich experience in dealing with various challenges and have never met a single failure. They always perform at peak levels.