Domestic Cleaning London

fast-home-deep-cleaningWe are a very dedicated and prestigious company that will make all of your cleaning wishes come true. Located in the London city, we have experienced in this business for many years and we have received the needed confidence to provide each cleaning service in an immaculate way.

We offer a wide range of cleaning services and also one that is very popular – the domestic cleaning service. Generally this is a service that includes many cleaning procedures in it and that is why it is ordered by many customers. We invite you to join us and to watch how our cleaners perform every cleaning step in a careful and gentle way.

Domestic Cleaning Services
After builders cleaning from £18
Regular Cleaning £13/h
One Off Cleaning £16/h
Deep Cleaning £18/h
Carpet Cleaning from £35

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What Our Clients Say

“Thanks, thanks, and thanks for the clean house you provided for me!”

“I am happy using your services as now I have more me-time and in the same time the domestic tasks are fully completed!”

“Next time I have a mess I will call you immediately – with your help everything was under control at home, and it wasn’t me who spend the day scrubbing!”


  • 24/7 availability
  • cleaning products that are second to none
  • friendly and polite staff
  • preferential prices
  • customer support centre

domestic_cleanerThese are only few of the benefits that you could have if you decide to order the domestic cleaning service from our company. Our friendly staff will do everything possible to change the appearance of your room with the help of the most modern cleaning equipment. The detergents that are preliminary tested have proven to remove dirt and stains from every origin.

We will provide full sanitizing of the premises in Stockwell because we know that the proper hygiene is essential for your health and for the health of your relatives. Even if you think that you do not need domestic cleaning for your home, we assure you that there are parts of the premises that always hide dirt and dust which could not be cleaned in the normal way. No matter how hard you try to deal with this, at the end you will definitely seek for professional help. When that moment comes, we will be the ones that will perform all the procedures in the most effective way.

We guarantee for the best final results because we have found cleaning products that do wonders with stains from every origin. We assure that they are not dangerous for the health and that they have pleasant odour. For the additional procedures that appear during the cleaning process we won’t require additional charges. The only money that you will pay in the end is the sum mentioned in the arrangement. In this way we want to show you our tolerance and friendly attitude.

We want to be responsive to each of your preference and that is why we also provide customer support centre, available seven days per week. There you can feel free to ask all of your questions and we will be happy to give you exhaustive information about domestic cleaning service. Throw away the broom and all the cleaning products and contact us right now for unique home and office cleaning.


Each and every one of our potential housekeepers are interviewed. We also require employees to provide us with a proof of identification and address. It is desirable to provide us with references, too. For our customers’ peace of mind, all our housekeepers are vetted before being considered ready for work. What is even more, we regularly organise courses of training which help our cleaners develop their skills in the domestic cleaning service. Over the years, they have amassed the knowledge and skills necessary for an efficient domestic cleaning.

Yes, we can send the same housekeeper to do the cleaning for you. In fact, it is preferable. We respect your comfort and we would not want to cause any inconveniences once you accommodate yourself to the routine. By sending the same cleaner every time, you will know who is coming into your home every time and the housekeeper will be able to work out a routine matching your requirements. If your cleaner is ill or absent, we will send a replacement cleaner to do the chores. In short, there is nothing to worry about.

We use our own cleaning supplies for the jobs. We have invested in professional-grade cleaning products and materials to reach the highest levels of cleanliness. These products are environmentally friendly and do not contain any harsh chemicals. However, if you would like, we can use your cleaning products to do the cleaning. All you need to do is let us know when you make your appointment so that we can take it in account.

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