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Professional oven cleaning services in Earls Court, SW5 from Fast Home Cleaning London. We clean single and double ovens, cooker hobs, microwaves and BBQs.
You are free to call us and ask our specialists to take care of the oven cleaning or any other part of your home any time you want. We like to be close to our customers all the time because we know that they might need our professional help during the working week, as well as during holidays and weekends.

Therefore, the doors of our headquarters are always open in Earls Court, SW5. You can visit us and book our oven cleaning service whenever you need help. We have the most effective equipment and the most attractive prices, so don’t think twice to turn to us for assistance. If you cannot visit us directly, you can also contact us by phone. We strive to satisfy your needs!

Your satisfaction matters to us

Oven Cleaning Services
Single Oven (60cm) £50 £45
Double Oven £70 £63
Microwave £22 £20
Hob; Extractor (each) from £15
For our complete price list click here.Oven After Cleaning

We will wipe your oven with the best cleaning products you can find on the contemporary market. We will make sure that the oven’s surface and any other part of it is protected and deep cleaned.

Our procedures are booked by a great number of people who live in Earls Court, SW5 and nearby areas. We always endeavour to provide our clients with the best cleaning service and for that reason, we make use only of the most advanced equipment.

Our disinfecting products will not damage the delicate surface of your cooking appliance and will not put your health at risk. Our equipment is safe for all family members, including domestic pets. If you call us right away, we promise to explain everything you need to know about our oven cleaning procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I provide you with cleaning products for the oven cleaning?

  • Of course not! We have our own equipment and we will bring it at your home for the cleaning procedure! We provide the tools, the machines and the cleaning products, absolutely free of charges!

When can you perform the service?

  • We work on the weekends, too, and on national and bank holidays! There is no power in the world that can stop us from providing you with the highest quality of oven cleaning! Choose a day and book a convenient for you appointment and we will do the cleaning in no time!

How much time does the service take?

  • Usually it takes about one and a half hours to three hours. The timing absolutely depends on the amount of the grease and grime. The dirtier the surfaces – the longer the time for achieving the perfect results! However, our professional cleaners are fast and efficient in their jobs and will do everything to make your oven shine from cleanness, as long as it takes!

Do you clean another appliances, or only ovens?

  • We offer the oven cleaning for single and double ovens, microwaves, BBQs, cooker hobs. The techniques and methods are the same, no matter the appliance. We have on our disposal effective cleaning products, which our professionals use carefully and attentively to end up in shining results!

Every inch of your oven will sparkle

Inside Oven Before Cleaning

Do you wish you could find somebody to deal with the difficult and time-consuming oven cleaning? If you live in Earls Court, SW5, our company is near you. We can help you give your oven the shine it needs.

We can scrub and sanitise it on inside and outside, paying extra attention to racks, trays and hobs. Give us a chance to prove to you that we are very skilled, reliable and qualified. Our office is open 7 days a week.

What is even more, you can get in touch with us around the clock. If you want to bring your oven back to life, do not hesitate to make us your choice.

Turn to our company right away

Inside Oven After Cleaning

What if we tell you that it is possible to keep your oven in a perfectly clean and good-looking condition? With us, you can say goodbye to burnt-on food and greasy stains. You can rely on the cleaners who work at our company.

They will make your oven sparklingly clean. All of the removable components like fans, racks, and trays will be dismantled and soaked into a powerful solution. The door, the glass panels and the interior will be cleaned, too.

Do not hesitate to book our oven cleaning services! We have reasonable rates, and we are available for one-off cleaning session as well as for a regular maintenance. Place your trust in us, and we will restore the cleanness of your oven, and keep it in a good condition at all times.

We have what it takes

Our expert technicians have amassed the knowledge and skills needed to deliver efficient oven cleaning services. They have been in this cleaning field for quite a long time and know how to expertly clean any type of oven. We are the company that can give your oven an entirely different look!

“A friend of time recommended this company to me. I decided to try their oven cleaning services because I have read dozens of positive reviews. Now I know that everything is true about the company- very professional and extremely devoted!- Joel”

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